May 27, 2021 | Human Empowerment

Human Empowerment: Stand Up, Rise Up

Human Empowerment is one of Zoleka's programs that aims to humanize humans. Basically, Human Empowerment was created to provide enthusiasm and hope for many people. Stand Up, Rise Up emphasizes that all people, without discrimination, can rise from adversity and have the same opportunity to work.

Stand Up, Rise Up, which is a manifestation of Human Empowerment, is expected to provide peace and tranquility that brings hope to the people, especially those who are still underestimated. By maximizing their potential and character development, Zoleka believes they can live a comfortable life and get acceptance also support from their family and community.

The process to become an empowered human is related to the forming of their ideal self. The ideal self is determined by a balance between self-image and self-esteem. If the ideal self has been formed, then humans will be able to better understand their personality and accept their situation well, so that their family and environment can understand that adversity can be a turning point for someone to rise up and improve themselves into a better person.

Human Empowerment is made to prove that everyone has the same opportunity to live as a whole human being and have a good future. Currently, Zoleka is realizing the Human Empowerment by providing education and employment opportunities for them to develop creativity and competence through the work they produce.

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